Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

How about this? 😍😍

And these. 😍😍😍😍

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Hi boys another drawing from me (A350XWB Lufthansa), which was traced since I had a laptop and an A4 sheet of paper (if you don’t that is fully alright). This took me about 30 mins.

(Edit: Quick Q: How do I make a poll/voting thingy?)

(Edit 2: reference image here)


What about this one?

Perhaps I can try one of them when I have time


Hi @AvioesEJogos love that pan am livery (sorry, idk what pan am is and if it existed) I am going to tommorow upload a picture from today (A B…) hope you enjoy drawing:)

I’d recommend you to try make the fan blades a little smaller (in diameter) to make it look like it is a little more inside the engine

Check this out

Not true avgeek detected
Google just a little bit and you will see why Pan Am was such a big airline

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I could do the Southwest 727

Pan am should be proud

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They say, “If dont know Pan Am, you are not a real avgeek”.

But PanAm is a American Airline. Found in 1920s (or 30s i think). And because of Pan Am, the 747 was born.

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Regarding to the 787 Yam Dreaming you drawn earlier, Yam bois approved your artwork! they liked it!

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1928 I think, they revolutionized aircraft. They worked hard, and they were great. Would be awesome to have those planes flying.

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Thanks! Tell them that I would be glad to draw some more planes

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Sure thing!

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The ANA a380 and British Retro 747, I might not be able to do, I don’t have a lot of time today, but will try to have it done by tomorrow night. Last case scenario, weekend.

Oh, i want you to do a Philippine Airlines 747 but seeing your post, i dont want to give works to you, you deserve a break

Do you know any good training server VA’s I would like to be in 2? I am in ATNVA and want to join another one.

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I will do it! Love challenges
send me a pic

Ok then but take a break.

Of course. I will draw all weekend. I love drawing

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