Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

What do you use?

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this is really similar to my style! i like it!

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Sketches on Ipad pro

May I use a different angle for your b787 ?

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Can someone draw a northwest airlines Ford tri motor

Here’s a delta 738 I drew during my off time


Great one ! Happy birthday btw ^^

Thanks I appreciate it

LOL everyone ask’s him and he responds with " I ued an IPad pro…"

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Exactly lol

Did a one off aircraft. A nice DBA 737-500. All done within a 1 hour time limit so… enjoy!

Might do another one so leave a suggestion (narrowbodies please).


Sure just the one above is my photo

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What app do u guys use for the digital drawing?

I use procreate, I know a few others such as @anon16967996 use Tayasui Sketches.

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I use AutoDesk Sketchbook

Can I request this Monster?

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I’ll do it, but no guarantee on the landing gear lol

@MissRosa is a different angle okay?

Yes. Any angle

Can anyone do an air Canada new livery?

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