Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Anyway, can I see how’s it by now?

I don’t have the device its on right now. I’ll get drawing in about 30 minutes, I’m just getting in my car to drive home from a grocery store run.

And I have to sleep by now! See you all in a few hors!

Alrighty, see you!

Nice! I use sketchbook too! It’s really fun and easy.

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Done! @anon16967996 @TheAirborneShep


I’ll fix that, and thanks!

Nice! The Delta A220-100 is just adorable!

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Haha yeah, even though the angle was easy, that took even longer than the Singapore A359

So good, the shading is so smooth!

@AvioesEJogos here is the updated version. I keep forgetting about the larger parts because I’m working so hard on the smaller details.

The border between the top and the bottom is not that straight, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal


I have an advice for digital artists here - I think you guys should put a watermark and date of completion on your digital artworks.


Is that so people dont use the works without credit?

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Exactly, and to let people know who made the artworks.


Yeah I never really thought about that, I might do that in the future but thanks for the advice!


Do I need an Apple pen before I can draw?

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Wow! That’s amazing.

as always, very clean 👍

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There’s your PAL A350, hope you enjoy !


I’m suprised @Captain_JR didn’t request this one.