Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Temporarily closed this topic for about an hour. Let’s all take a breath and calm down a bit before we get back here. You can all have your personal opinions whether you prefer paper art or digital art. For this topic, both is fine.

And although you probably didn’t have a bad intention here @AlphaSeven, a sentence like „digital art isn’t real art“ diminishes the efforts and skills of other users. You can have your personal opinion but it’s the words that matter. See how „Personally, I prefer paper art over digital art, but well done!“ sounds more friendly? This is probably why this discussion escalated 😊

We have many skilled and talented people here in this topic, both for paper and digital art. I always enjoy browsing through the comments and see the new drawings.

See you all in an hour. Thanks, enjoy your Sunday.


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We should respect any form of art, no matter if it’s traditional art like pencil drawing & painting or digital arts done on tablet and computers, they all takes effort all the same and we should be aware that artists, no matter which kind of artist they are, put their love and heart onto their projects.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the way you, the artist, sees it is what really matters, your view is the most powerful of all, as it drives you to being a better version of yourself! ❤️


At the end of the day, arts art, digital or not it’s all the same no matter what because you’re still creating something if it’s digital or not.


Now that this thread have opened again, I would like to share one of my realistic aircraft drawing here.

This Northwest Airlines DC-10 drawing was completed in January 2013.

and oh, If you’re wondering about B737 watermark, that’s my original DeviantArt username since this drawing has been watermarked long before I come up with current username; I started using my current username in September 2016.

Hope you guys enjoy.


What about this mate?

Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Started work on this yesterday, hoping to pick it back up tomorrow and keep going. It’s a 747, operated by a former Australian airline, Ansett. Quite a famous Australian collapse, often blamed on Air New Zealand. Recommend checking out the Wikipedia article, it’s pretty descriptive


Well, After the Air France A350, I’ve made this one, B777-200ER KLM


smooth @Marc.Stinger

@Tsumia I haven’t drawed since 4 months or so… but this is the result…
The pencils were the only one I could find, the red is from my little sisters drawing box same as the green XD but I hope you’re happy with it.


If anyone has a suggestion… say it I’m bored XD

Nice! Could use some chade in the windows and at the bottom but great and clean nonetheless.

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Will give it a try

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it would be nice to post your drawings in horizontal view instead of vertical since not all of us view the forum from smartphone and tablet.

This is a good drawing nonetheless, Keep it up!

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Thanks, I will try to turn the photo next time.

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Me included


I have to do something now, I will finish it tonight…
This is the partial result…
Tonight I will share the endresult.


Even though this drawing is a small, low effort one, it isn’t a part of my limited time challenge drawings, it’s drawn on A4 paper and took me around 4-5 hours to complete,

The reason I drew this is to get myself back on track again after having been distracted by video games so that i would be more motivated to make more arts in the future.

Unlike the limited time challenge drawings, I took a break a lot while drawing this.

Pencils used - 2B (both mechanical and wooden), 4B (mechanical) and 6B pencils (wooden)

Hope you guys enjoy!!


That looks amazing!!
I hope I can make something like that myself in the future.
Keep up the good work!!