Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

One of these?

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Are you suggesting these for me? Or are these for someone else, because I would be more than happy to draw one or two of them for you.

I’m gonna do the 737, expect your drawing in about 3 hours!

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Thank you so much!

Anytime @NK_Aviation

Here is your drawing!


It looks fantastic!

Thanks for the feedback, I use the color picker on Sketchbook, and thats the color red it gave me. I don’t use the fuselage hue either because it takes too long.

I suggest going for it regardless of time it takes, will show your effort and that you took your time! Art does take time.

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@AlphaSeven and @Tsumia,
Thanks for telling me this, I’m gonna spend much more time on my drawings now that you have said that.


Also, do you have any requests to what I could draw?

No problem, that’s how I transitioned from spending a couple hours to several days to weeks on my drawings.

Air Baltic A220 Latvia 100? (Bias I know.)
Azimuth Sukhoi SSJ?

VASP 737-200

VARIG 747-300

I’ll draw the A220. Is this angle ok?

I suggested Latvia 100 livery but okay.

I’m currently drawing the a220 for @Tsumia, you may have to wait a couple hours to get a drawing.

I prefer YL-CSL thanks.

You’re drawing the wrong livery I guess

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Just like that.