Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

I did their 747 but okay 😂

Can you provide an angle?

I’ll do it. Thanks.

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It has been such a long time since I came to this thread! Amazing to see how far all of you have come compared to the last times I saw your guy’s drawings


Wow I’ll say it again you have amazing talent


Happy birthday @BravoCharli !!!


Yo I’ve been quite bored this quarantine, so I drew a few planes. This is a Thai airways A350 and Iberia a330-200. (Reference below)

Thai a350
It was a photo of an a330-300, but i ran out of space.


I’m also up for any suggestions for drawings! :)

@MrAirplaneGeek British Airways 747

or BrUhTiSh (Guess the Airline and Aircraft therad)

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Funny thing, I already did a BA 747, but it was super bad 😄. The 747 is my favorite plane, so I’ll gladly do that for you!


Warning, it may not be the best 😄

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Here you go! Sorry for the delay, I just started making a pie when your request came in. This is the drawing.

If you have any other requests, please contact me.


Winnair Twin Otter:

I’ll do the Twin Otter, but just a heads up, it might not be too good, as I’ve only drawn passenger jets. I could get it to you by tomorrow. Cheers!

Sorry for the delay. I got the drawing for you!

I am open for any other suggestions, all you have to do is ask!


Ill do that one too, you can pick the one you like :)

Actually pretty good

Can anyone do this?

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I’ll give it a go! Give me about 1-2 days and I’ll have it done. By chance, do you have a better quality picture of it?

Unfortunately I do not have a larger quality, as I posted that from my ipad, so I’ll find a new image on my mac to ensure higher quality (sorry for the late response)

@dca.iad.aviation I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to Google the aircraft and find an image online 😊