Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Puh after 1h 30mins my Heinkel He 162 is finished :)
I tried my best and wanted that the paper looks a bit old and dirty

Real one:

How is it :) ?


I think it looks good, You did really well on this drawing.

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I thought the first one was the real thing, it looks really good.

@A320TheAirliner thanks
@Bradders777X haha lol thanks no likes left :(

That is actually really good also I got one you might like that I gotta finish today!

@anon99275236 This is it


Haha looks pretty cool ! (no likes left)

anyone got any suggestions?


YL-CSL (Latvia 100 Air Baltic A220)
Amur Tiger 747-400 (My mum wants me to do that but I’m doing other aircraft right now.
Chair A320
Syphax Airlines A319 or A330-200
ANA 737-500.

This one would be awesome!

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Cleaning out my room and I found this from a while ago 767-200


I’ve drawn an ME-262 before, looks similar to your He-162 with the drawing style


The 1-hour challenge between BravoCharlie and A320TheAilriner!

Midwest DC-9

Original Picture

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the drawings of BC and A320TA. We both finished it a bit over the 1-hour limit, both at the 1:25 mark. Vote for your favourite one!

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We both found it quite hard to manage to draw this aircraft within such a small time, especially me since I haven’t drawn on A4 in a very long time.

Enough talking, happy voting!


I voted that by accident, I was trying to view images in full size

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I wanna do a one hour challenge. I tried once but they ditched. I need people

No worries. You can change your vote by clicking on your circular vote button. You can then change your choice.

It’s really hard to tell. 😂

It’s really hard to decide within the two of the most powerful artists on the IFC.

I’m so sorry @A320TheAirliner but I feel like BC’s is smoother but there is not much of a difference between them.


Haha, thats my signature style ;) Smoooothness. Paper stumps can really make a great effect!

Uhmmm. I was not talking about the signature. 😏

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I can see the difference between our styles too, BravoCharlie seems to put emphasis on smooth shading while I put emphasis on precision and getting proportions right, at the expense of shading in this case.