Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Oh, this is for the 1 hour challenge!

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Yeah! So, you got any other suggestions? Easier liveries please 😂

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Maybe an Aer Lingus new livery A320?

Now that I can do! Expect it soon! One hour challenge here I come 😎
I’m starting soon. If you have any suggestions (apart from A320’s) let me know! I might change the suggestion.

@Captain_Merka I’ll do a LATAM A320 if thats alright with you.

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I’ll try it too I suppose.



Sure. LATAM works fine too!

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Found my angle

I’ll make my homework first though😅

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Which is Harder?

  • Homework
  • Drawing VH-ZND

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Are you still taking suggestions for that one hour challenge @AlphaSeven?

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If there’s anything I’d prefer more, Yes!

Please be unique and don’t say an A320…

An AA Eagle CRJ 200

Nono I wasn’t planning on an A320, how about a Cityjet BAe 146-200/AVRO rj85.

(My picture.)

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You really asking that? Drawing VH-ZND is way harder

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Ooh! Honestly I’d rather do that than the A320.

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@AlphaSeven wHaT aBoUt An A320?

jk, what about this weird thing that plagued Guess the Airline and Aircraft?

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Can someone draw this please.


Air Algerie JetStar, an airline and aircraft that haunted the Part 5 of the “Guess the airline and aircraft” thread.


The ghost GTAA’s past…


Will do still have 12 days stuck at home :(

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ERJ progress…