Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Nah. I’ll wait if anyone has any other suggestions. If not, I’ll do your A320.

Any barrow body aircraft suggestions guys?

By the way… How’s the progress on the 744F?

I haven’t started as I’m not done with the frontier A318. I might quit it and do the 747 though!

Do you have a picture?

Never mind, I can’t pull it up. Sorry about that, folks. :(

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welp i hope you like it


Nice! I love the shading and the elevators.

thanks i would have got a better shot if my SISTER HAD NOT TOOK MY IPAD

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OMG that 737 is incredible your 100000% gifted!!! great job bro

Still waiting for any narrow-body suggestions!

Oh, would you mind doing an old livery Air Nostrum CRJ-1000?


Sounds good. Do you have anything else in mind?

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If you’re up for a challenge:


Noooo 😅 I don’t count the 757 as a narrow body.

Ah ok. I thought I might be able to slide it in there…

Could you do the famous Salmon-Thirty-Salmon?

Dude, I need to do this in 1 hour! (1 hours challenge) Have some mercy 😂

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Oh, this is for the 1 hour challenge!

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Yeah! So, you got any other suggestions? Easier liveries please 😂

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Maybe an Aer Lingus new livery A320?

Now that I can do! Expect it soon! One hour challenge here I come 😎
I’m starting soon. If you have any suggestions (apart from A320’s) let me know! I might change the suggestion.

@Captain_Merka I’ll do a LATAM A320 if thats alright with you.

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