Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Any suggestions for me to do tomorrow?

I would love to see:

  • Horizon Q400 Meatball Livery (Yes, @AlphaSeven, I know you’ve done it before)
  • 747-8F Seahawks Livery
  • JetBlue New York livery

Ah, okay, Personally I do encourage people to post feedback to the drawings, In my opinion, this might help artists stay motivated and make them feel that they are being appreciated for their hard works.

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Aaaand, here is my 3rd drawing, to @SwissForceProud001
(The flash whitened some parts)


Sorry for not using your photo, this was the original idea, but there were some complications

The only thing i wasn’t satisfied with in this drawing was the tail, but since this is part of my 1 Hour drawing Challenge where I try to complete my drawing as quickly as possible, I didn’t bother fixing it.

This drawing took me around 1 Hour and 10 minutes to complete.

It was drawn on A4 paper with 2B Mechanical pencil lead and 6B M&G Pencil.


You did that in 1 hour!!! Holy cow!

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Yep! this one is my third attempt at 1 Hour drawing, and Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it.

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Jeez, how are you so good!

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Years of practice and a lot of attention to every small details.

But I was barely even trying to get the proportion right on this Air France 737-500.

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Crap, 10 people liked it…
Sorry @Captain_Merka, but I’ll have to do VH-ZND.

Wish me luck

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Sorry for what?

For not taking any of you suggestions

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lol i was the 10th person to like it

Great job as always!

Hey, do you want to do a small 1-hour challenge? We need to both draw the same aircraft and see who might do it better. I’m quite bored because of the Coronavirus so I’d love if we do a small challenge! Would you be interested?

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I call 10 bucks on @AlphaSeven

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@AlphaSeven I might be interested in letting you and @A320TheAirliner smoke me!


Would be interesting to see who would want to go up for a 1 hour drawing challenge with other people.

I may


That sounds interesting but currently I have other arts that I want to finish first before accepting the challenge and that art isn’t a small project.

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