Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Can I see

Introducing the 737 with properly-sized engines


Now it comes the hard part: Wings, doors and windows

The fuselage already looks pretty good but the engine still needs to be bigger, much bigger.

I’d say that you should make the engine twice as large as the one in the image shown above.

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This it the photo I’m based on

So that the engines don’t seem too small now (I mEaN, iT iS nOt A mAx)
I think the engines are in a good size, but the fuselage is too wide on my drawing

Behold, my chunky Fokker 50…

If this gets 10 likes I’ll draw this:


Looks great, well done!

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Thank you :)

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I just say Good luck to that 787, all those dots and curves…

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I tried drawing this before… Didn’t go very well 😳😂


Nice work on this KLM Cityhopper Fokker 50 drawing, i wish the nose didn’t get cut off at the edge of the paper.

If I draw that Qantas 787 on A2 paper without time limit, it would have taken eternity for me to complete, just look at all those dots…


Thank god I have 3 weeks time to complete it😂

@A320TheAirliner yeah sorry about that, let’s see how the Qantas 787 will go…
I’ll probably go for another angle though


I think this one would be better

Guys, the last 100+ replies have been very messy. Lets try and avoid so many suggestions as there is already more than enough. Try avoid asking for suggestions as there have been plenty in the thread… We’ve filled up more than 200 replies of which 15% were drawings, lets try and increase the number of actual drawings!


but what about feedbacks to the drawings themselves? I like to post feedbacks when i see other people posted their drawings here, I just wanted to make other artists here feel that their works are being appreciated by posting feedback to their arts.

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No, thats totally fine. What I’m saying is that there are more and more requests when there are already tons for artists to do. No worries, lets continue with the drawings! 😉


Any suggestions for me to do tomorrow?

I would love to see:

  • Horizon Q400 Meatball Livery (Yes, @AlphaSeven, I know you’ve done it before)
  • 747-8F Seahawks Livery
  • JetBlue New York livery

Ah, okay, Personally I do encourage people to post feedback to the drawings, In my opinion, this might help artists stay motivated and make them feel that they are being appreciated for their hard works.

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Aaaand, here is my 3rd drawing, to @SwissForceProud001
(The flash whitened some parts)