Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Here’s an update on my United 737-800 for @IF_Vamp.


Sorry that was my very first post.

@TheAirborneShep pls send a pic you would like someone to draw (otherwise the drawer chooses) (BTW, welcome to the community, I don’t even play IF, I just came here to have some fun with some avgeeks)

Speed Draw Contest

@Thunderbolt and @Captain_Merka Are going to face off to see who can do the best in an hour.

Start Time: 2020-03-17T03:45:00Z

What should we draw?

  • United New Livery 737
  • Virgin America A320
  • Southwest Shamu Livery 737 (Orca)
  • Hawaiian 717

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Feel free to participate too!


Since it was a tie, we settled on doing different aircraft. I am doing the UA 757 California livery, and @Thunderbolt is doing the SWA 737 Shamu.


That’s an interesting contest, My Delta A319 and United 737-500 drawings were actually inspired by your post about this 1 hour drawing contest.

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Here’s mine:

Sorry I forgot, but I promise i only spent an hour on it.


Ooh that’s cool to hear. May I see them?

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Not bad! My Shamu didn’t turn out that great…

I’ll be doing a Qantas 737 tomorrrow.

I’ve already posted both of them on this thread, check out the 1565th and 1580th post.

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Nice. I’ll have my United 737 finished by then (hopefully). It’s cool to see our different drawing styles side by side.

Any other requests? I have a bunch of empty paper and a boring week ahead of me.

I’d love to see you try this!

It’s from my topic:

I’ve been really busy lately, and honestly a bit lazy to draw so apologies if anyone’s drawings I haven’t finished yet. FYI, I barely finished the sketches of my Frontier A318 so its gonna be a long time.

Frontier operates A318?? Wow

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Not anymore I’m pretty sure.


@AvioesEJogos work in progress


Yep, Frontier Airlines used to operate the A318s, they were introduced to Frontier’s fleet in 2003 and served the airline for a decade before they retired the type in mid 2013.

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Any Aircraft suggestions guys??