Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

absolute 10 out of 10

That’s cool, do you draw your pictures on a computer?

Nope on an IPad Pro


no he use apple pencil or something

I’d give a 7-7.5/10.

It looks pretty nice, I’d try to make the lines a tiny bit less wobbly if I were you as well as blacking out all the windows.



Including the cockpit too. lol


lol he also forgot the doors

Which doors? As far as I know the E175 only has four doors…

2 on each side the windows

I still don’t understand which doors he is missing

color the door windows…

Oh, I thought you were saying he was missing doors on the plane. Make sure you reply to the correct comment next time :)

siiiigh why am i here :(

Good to see another cool digital drawing here.

This Qatar Cargo 747-8 is one of your best drawing in my opinion, I like the detail on the fan blades.

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That Volotia A319 drawing looks pretty good, and yes it’s worth a try.

My first drawing here. Requested by @AlphaSeven. The Air Serbia A320

sorry I couldn’t draw the tail logo even after multiple attempts as it was very hard


Will someone try to draw this?

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