Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Both of them? Doable. Probably gonna take twice as long as my other ones because there’s two.

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Looks great, your best one by far!

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Thanks! I appreciate it!

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Nice drawing


Yes, the 2 of them, I just did what you asked for, Regional Jets

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ehh worth a try?


Looks great! You’re really improving. I suggest maybe considering using printer paper instead of lined paper to get that clean look.

i had it but my parents locked the door
so i had to use lined paper instead

Hello! Can I join you guys in drawing?? I got a 15 days break from school (due to COVID-19) and I would like to do something creative.

Awesome, feel free to do anyone of the following:

China eastern Saab 340
Air Serbia A320
Lufthansa A330-200
TNT cargo 747

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Roger that captain!

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still deciding…

I will start off with Air Serbia A320. Lemme go and quickly get some pencils

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Ooh, my home airline, good choice! 😁 looking forward to it!

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What about this @Tsumia
images (5)


I started over because that one didn’t really work out.

Made this quick sketch, now the logo and windows :)


I’ll work on it after the E135s.


Hey guys anyone have any requests?

@Ocean1c maybe this?

The TransBrasil 737-300 that haunted Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Part 5]

this is the photo they had to guess
Guess This one 15! {I}

Will do after current project

WIP (anyone can guess what aircraft this is gonna be?)