Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Please don’t judge me but I would love some constructive criticism


I like it! Once the engine is fully created, it’s gonna be the best.

opps forgot about them :((

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It might still be a WIP but it looks great to me, the proportion is very accurate overall.

Ye I will experiment with color


It’s beautiful!

Nice! I’m not the biggest fan of digital art but this looks great, well done!

The gulf stream will be done after the SQ 747F ;) Expect it atleast in a week.

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Amazing, thank you so much!

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This is what my plane drawing looks like if i try to draw it with one hour time limit, Yes, This drawing took me slightly over an hour to complete, Really, I mean it!

It was drawn on A4 paper with 2B and 4B Mechanical pencil leads, and I used three really long songs as a timer while drawing this.

Hope you guys enjoy.


That honestly is not bad…I love the colour contrast

Wow, that in just over an hour? Incredible!

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I wouldn’t even made that in a day. Great job :)


@Ocean1c your drawing shows very well how the white DOES NOT fit with Aeroflot. Great one!

As Virgin Atlantic recently farewelled the A340


Ahh this was so hard and I made several mistakes … but what‘s your opinion :) ?
I know it‘s not good though


That looks pretty nice. Could do with some shadow but all in all, amazing.

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I thought of adding shadows but it would look much worse then 😂

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I think you could make it work using the side of the lead and smudging it with paper or fingers if you like having your hands dirty as well as rubbing out things that leave the lines.

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