Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

I’m really hyped up to see your finished 737-800 Florida One if you can find it, I saw the WIP and it looked amazing right there already!

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Also, would anyone like to request? I can do aircraft but not backrounds

Can I just have the Fiji airways DHC-6 twin otter if you can’t do a background? Also those other drawings you did are amazing!


I would love to try that out

I will see if I have time

I just finished this, took about 7 hours

I’m going to work on the Fiji Airways next @Islanderpilot123


Nice love the details

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Incredible drawing! I tried to draw a delta 717 one time, it didn’t go well. I showed it to my brother and he didn’t know what he was looking at.

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Wonderful drawing man! The details are good, just work on your shading.

Did it actually take 7 hours though?


@Islanderpilot123 Is it alright if I do a Fiji Link Atr-42 for you instead of the twin otter?

Is anyone able to draw the Alaska Airlines 737 in the Toy Story livery? This would be amazing to see.


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Looks good! You’ve got great drawing skill for your age!

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Sometimes i would like to share my old fictional, futuristic, sci-fi military aircraft drawings that i’ve designed myself here because it’s what I used to draw regularly before I switched to drawing airliners in late 2011.


Why not? They’re amazing!

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Does it ever really take anyone 7 hours to do? I know my drawing style is a lot more sketchy, but I can’t remember the last time I spent more than 2 hours on a drawing, and that’s even including the highly detailed ones such as my 777x or even what I’m working on now 🤷

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Yeah, that’s why I’m speculating.

Honestly it normally takes me approx. 7 hours on drawing these aircraft but that’s because they’re all on bigger papers. When I was drawing the smaller planes as you said, they never took more than 2 hours.

Love it the Lufthansa A350 in my mind is the coolest plane.

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Just woooooow!

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Yea pretty sure, Working on it for 2 days some time after free time and in school.

I was actually working on it last night doing the landing gear at 7:20 (15:20) and then I finish it and look up at the clock and it 8:15 (16:15) already 😂 I erased and redid it I don’t know how many times but it was a lot.