Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

I don’t understand why some drawings are made but not others?

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Because the thread is called “suggest any aircraft” not “Demand any aircraft,” artists have the ability to chose what drawing they want to do, if they want to do it.


Ok thank you. Also will you just respond to this when its done so I can see or will you post it on your own account for me to find/

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draw this image please

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I see a happy plane! a smiling plane!! Ahhh!! I love happy, smiling planes!! Yep, I noticed that the windshield looks off too but it’s doesn’t really matter… This drawing still look great.

I’ve made some pen drawings in the past though none of them are realistic airliner drawings, I always used the pencils to sketch the subject first and then applying pen over it after I’ve checked and corrected the details of the initial sketch to make sure that everything is in place.


What do you think about my first ever attempt of realistic aircraft drawing?

Time taken: 30-35 minutes
Original Photo


What about the X-71 NASA space shuttle



For the first attempt, It looks very good, I assumed that you have been drawing stuffs for some time before you started making this realistic aircraft drawing.

@Zabloo Here your JetBlue E190, tried my best.

Hope you like it. :)


Actually no, first one, only some Art class drawings before

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That looks cool! Thank you!

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Tried to challenge myself with reflections on this one


Nice drawing! Reflections are great, you should try using an eraser to pull out clean reflections for the best effect. I see you love A350’s 😏

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That’s really good - keep up the amazing work!


You are amazing! I’ve just seen your past drawings and they are the best I’ve seen!

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Wow that’s amazing!

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Is this a photo?

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Any requests? Expect it for next weekend. (A320 family if possible, only narrowbodies)

LATAM A320 maybe?

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