Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Oh god how many state “one”'s are we getting? I’m even making a Hawaiian one.

Yeah that should be fine. Again, it will be a different angle but I’m happy to do this one. I don’t know how long it will take 🤷

Qantas longreach

You mean the centenary livery? I already done that some time ago.

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Can someone draw the 777x liftoff to celebrate the 777x First Flight?

Peferably the 1st one

@anon55618039 here we have it:

Has been a while so I feel a little rusty…

Now working on 2x 777x drawing 😅 and the other southwest special. Hurrah


Beautiful drawing, thank you @Dan_77

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I really enjoy it!! Your drawings are very good!!

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Uses a 727

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@Dan_77 wonderful drawing!

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LOL, I know…

I’ve already been using A320s in my profile icon on many other sites for years in order to stay true to my username, but i also thought it would be nice to put different type of aircraft in my profile icon sometimes.

I might go and play some Minecraft now.


now thats thicc

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Wish that existed, Aloha One would be awesome XD

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I’m free for some time… any suggestions? (Please, narrow body aircrafts only)

Make your own southwest state livery I don’t know… Try to design a South Carolina One.

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Mhm. Not on the mood for that sorry. Any really world livery?

Maybe a Jetblue E190? Thanks!

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Yeah, sure. Send me an image of the one you would like.

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Image 1-28-20 at 3.56 PM

Thank you!

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