Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

I might need to use auto flash instead of always flash when taking the picture. I understand why but I don’t have a good light source apart from a lamp and a light that right now is flickering insanely.

try a dim light use a bit of lamp light and see if it works
if it don’t work at all then sorry its my fault

so i adjusted the brightness and this is where i can see it

  • Infinite Flight CRJ
  • Infinite Flight 737 BBJ

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What should I draw next?

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I know you are not a part of @anon89274317, but maybe try a concept livery?

Qantas Centenary livery: D o n e


Currently in Progress of the JetBlue Bear Force One Livery :)


Looks like a jetBlue A320-200F cargo plane…

Just kidding, nice progress so far!

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Yes indeed XD

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I have finished, might work on the black part though

Next up is the AirCal 737-800 like requested :)


Looks great, well done!

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That’s very nice! 😃

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Wow that’s epic

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Can u please draw a QF A330 plz


I like it, You did a really good job on this drawing.

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I might take the QF A330 but I’ll take a suggestion or two apart from the BelugaXL J need to do.

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Air Asia a339neo

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Okay. I’ll try it out. In a few hours when I finish the XL.

Air Canada 787-9. Haven’t done a drawing in a while so it isn’t the best.


That’s awesome

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