Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Awesome. I’ll start now. Wish me luck 😳


If I can accomplish the Honu, you can accomplish Florida One.

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Time to start the Greenliner! I feel like I’m doing this as a like farm 😂. I honestly enjoy dabbling in art.

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I believe @Zach_inkling is working on one right now…

@AlphaSeven What about my two Russian planes?

Childish groaning

Yes I’m aware some of the colours are off…


It looks…fine I guess
I’m fine with the planes and colors but the…ehh shading?

Fam I barely know how to shade give me a break…

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Pretty good! Honestly great job with the colors too.


How’s my Russian planes?

It still looks good to me, the colors are pretty accurate too.

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i can only see a bit of the plane. just the back i can see but not the front, i see bits but not really

(I’m not blind by the way)

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Have you clicked on it and enlarged it? Sometimes contents of images don’t show up like that. If it’s a light issue, it’s that I’m using flash on my photos. Otherwise it’ll look gloooooomy

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. . . I don’t understand at all

Does it not load? Is it too bright?

it loads but its too bright.
i am using a school chromebook so that might be the probem

I might need to use auto flash instead of always flash when taking the picture. I understand why but I don’t have a good light source apart from a lamp and a light that right now is flickering insanely.

try a dim light use a bit of lamp light and see if it works
if it don’t work at all then sorry its my fault

so i adjusted the brightness and this is where i can see it

  • Infinite Flight CRJ
  • Infinite Flight 737 BBJ

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What should I draw next?

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