Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Can you draw this ? :) imagine

Then learn. Life isn’t aviation.

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This one looks good, The lines are much better now.

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Thank you for the feedback!

i had a bit of free time so yeah
even right now

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@Robertine Here you go!


Thank You!!!

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You’re very welcome!

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I am going to have to trace the AN-225 on how big it is so.
and I got work to do I’ll do it when I have time

sorry to disappoint you :(

Anyone have anything that I can draw for tomorrow

Your arts are getting better and better! This Air France A330 drawing looks great.

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I’m gonna take a suggestion for tomorrow if anyone has one. Thanks @A320TheAirliner

Anyone have suggestions for me @Tsumia do you have a suggestion

Maybe try easyJet 200th Airbus orange livery.

Screw it, I’m making a poll.

  • YL-CSL Latvia 100 A220-300
  • Etihad 787-10 Greenliner
  • Qantas 100 787-9
  • Something else (Let me know)

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And that’s time. Greenliner it is. Torture it is.

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Might as well do a pole :)

  • Air Cal 737-800 American Airlines
  • Portland Timber 737-700 Alaska
  • Boston Bruins A320-200 JetBlue
  • Flair 737-800 New Livery

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Ends at 7:30PM PST (40 Mins After Posted)

So I’ll draw both Air Cal And Boston Bruins since it’s a tie

American 787-9?

Bahamasair 737-700