Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Oh yes I love that new livery!!

Can’t wait to see that!

I will be drawing it tonight

Do you have a photo to suggest for me @Thunderbolt

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No, go crazy my friend!

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@Thunderbolt here is your JetBlue A320


Small plane = Alaska Airlines fleet type = good idea

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Thank you very much!

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This might be a silly question, but are digital drawings allowed here? If so, would anyone like a drawing?

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The thing is with digital drawings - in the past on these topics, people have taken a photo - slapped on the filter that makes it look like a drawing and then posted it saying its hand-drawn.

Its a bit dodgy - but if you want to - go ahead!

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I’m doing it by hand, with an Apple Pencil. No filters here!


I have to say I envy these art skills, I could never lol


And without tracing? That’s pretty good!

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thanks! i’ve done a bit more but it’s taking a lot of erasing to get the shapes and lines just right. it’s an air canada 787-9

Here’s my pencil drawing of Thai Airways A350-941 taking off, the pencils used are 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B/EE and it’s drawn on A2 sized paper.

It was completed on 27 July 2019, Hope you enjoy it.


Wow, that’s an amazing drawing

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Earlier today, I have finished my Tennessee One 737-700. Hope you like it! I used a “ruler” this time.


Nah thats real 🤣

For real nice job!


@Captain_Merka and I will be drawing some @anon89274317 inspired custom liveries.

Post 1000!

Could anyone make me an Air France A330-200? (Possibly F-GZCK?)