Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It [Volume 2]

Re; Suggest Any Aircraft, We’ll Draw it

Featured Piece

Featured by @Brandon_Millburg

Welcome to the second edition of the (critically acclaimed)
Suggest any Aircraft and we’ll draw it
thread. You can find the original one below:

Suggest any aircraft, we’ll draw it

The objective

This thread serves as a continuation of the original threads, with the premise being as simple as a forum member requesting a particular aircraft or livery, and one of the many talented (and developing talent) artists then going away to create the drawing. Once completed, the images are posted here for everyone’s enjoyment and appraisal.

No request is too silly, and you may request a real or fictional drawing, but you are to provide a reference picture for the artist to guage difficulty. We like a challenge though, so request whatever you want 😁

Featured Pieces

Introducing a new feature to the thread, where every month a poll will be created out of the drawings posted in that period. The winner of the poll will have the drawing featured, however please do not vote based purely on visual quality. People that have massively improved or put in lots of effort will have an equal chance of winning.
The poll will be posted in the main thread and linked down below:

Featured Drawing 1th November 2019

01/11/19 Featured by @BravoCharlie

Featured Drawing 10th December 2019

01/12/19 Featured by @Brandon_Millburg

Boring Rules

Based on feedback from the previous thread, and to keep this one less cluttered and easier to read, there are a few light rules to abide by:

Please Read Here

• No posts that state “I am taking requests” or “Give me suggestions” worded in any other way. They are unnecessary, you are free to accept any aircraft request, or simply draw any aircraft you feel like.

• Artists are not obliged to draw any aircraft they do not wish to, however that also means no “I don’t feel like drawing this aircraft type”. If you do not wish to draw it, then simply ignore the request.

Useful Links and Information

A special thanks to @DeerCrusher for allowing the continuation of this thread, and also a thank you to @BravoCharlie and @Rock77 for their incredible tutorials that I will link below:

Bravo Charlie’s 787 Guide

Rock77’s Comprehensive Guide

Another post will be created below this with links to every drawing posted on this thread in the following months to make it easier to find works by a particular artist without scrolling through thousands of messages.

Happy requesting and drawing!!

Remember to attach an image to your request and give the rules a read 😁


Quick Access for all drawings completed on this thread, filtered by artist in alphabetical order:


Ethiopian Airbus A350


Lufthansa Airbus A350


Air Baltic Boeing 737


British Airways Airbus A350


LOT Polish Independence Boeing 787



Delta Airbus A321

As more drawings are posted, I will continue to add to this thread. I’ve make it a wiki so you can continue to add yourselves to the list with your drawings, please let me know if you cannot add yourself.

Huge thanks as always to everyone who’s name is on this page for their contribution, and make sure to hit the link and give their posts a like!

Main thread can no longer be edited, will post updates here



Okay @Captain_Merka your 787-9 is coming right up!

This is Volume 3 btw @Kirito_77


Doesn’t matter. Carry on, draw and request aircraft as needed please.


Roger that @DeerCrusher

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Could I have an Air Baltic 737-500?


Alright added to my list

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I’ll take it @Latvia. It’s at the top of my list. I’m good with small aircraft, just not bigger ones, hence why I asked @Matt_Croatia001 for the 787.


@Latvia Which angle do you like more?




#1: Credit
#2: Credit

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Any requests? I’ll happily draw some

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Can you draw the 747? 🙂
El Al livery 747 please. You can choose yourself what picture and angle


Sure! Gimme a couple of days since I have exams coming up and I have other requests to do :)

Currently working on a Virgin B747 for @Armani_B.

Any suggestions? No B747, A330 or A380’s please!


@BravoCharlie would you like me to do any for you?


No, not currently. I’m a drawer I rarely suggest anything ;D JK

Do you have anything for me to draw for you?


Virgin Atlantic A350? You can choose the angle.

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SWISS A220 plz:


This Thomas Cook and Monarch hybrid pls


Roger that! Love the Swiss livery on the A220 :) Expect it within a few days,

Showing a picture later on.


I’ll have a go - I’m guessing Bravo will want to have a go as well - gimme a couple days.

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