Suggest Any Aircraft, We’ll Draw It [Volume 3]

I don’t actually know. It’s basically just a lot of shading.


I think @NvAviator was talking about the wolf… If you were talking about the wolf, It is clearly either still the bottom image in need of tracing or a cut part of the original image, which is fine. Keep it up!

Also I know how hard it can be to do animals.

EDIT: I’m glad you could incorporate the stars!

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Here are the stars, I made the bottom (the actual picture) transparent so you can see what I’ve done


I’m doing Chinook in a sorta weird way,
I’m coloring in patches of him and then I’m just gonna blend it all together and add detail


Blending is done

Now for detail and touch ups


I have no words, other than the fact that that is incredible and I am immensely impressed 💯

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Tnx, im trying here.
This is the hardest project I’ve ever done, because of the sky and Chinook (no hate towards Chinook:))

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Really cool f9 tail.

After 2 days
My hardest project is done
FFT Chinook the Grey Wolf livery


It looks amazing! :O

It’s an amazing drawing! My only criticisms are that you could have blended a little around the stars and you did not add hair highlights to the wolf. Just some tips, you don’t have to use them, keep up the great work!

In the end, I decided it looked better without the hair highlights to me.

Could you do an orange PSA 727-214 please? It would be even better if you could add a background, but I’m fine without one.

Draw a Pacific Southwest Airlines 727

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Can some draw a a319 spirit

I just asked for that lol

I’ll do that , I’m crap at drawing backgrounds tho

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Congratulations on the well accomplished hard work!

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Thank you so much, it hurt a lot but I’m happy with it

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Thank you so much!

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