Suggest Any Aircraft, We’ll Draw It [Volume 3]

How do you make a poll?

Can you draw a Qatar airways A380 in fifa world cup livery at PER landing runway 03

Hey, is this KIAD? (My home airport haha)

(Almost) my home airport.
I’m a DCA guy.

If Any of you know of Taj Santacruz, A Runway view hotel in Mumbai, I went There!


Air India 787 i forgot to caption it


Nice drawing!

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That looks like a Kececi Art YouTube video, but Im going to trust you to be true

A classic B-17, 2nd most successful day bomber in WWII!

That was my drawing lol

What was the best day bomber in WWII if the 17 is not number 1?

Yes, that is a Kececi Art video. The person I replied to has since taken down his post that had the picture

hi guys im sorry for what i did


Your all good.

Do not worry, we are learning from errors, and learning step by step

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Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I haven’t done a drawing in a while

I will post a drawing of Air Force one I made.

lol I haven’t even finished my KC-135 yet cuz I m rly busy w school rn.

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Anyone got any tips for drawing planes?

None from me. All I’ll say I’m not an artist 😂

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