Suggest Any Aircraft, We’ll Draw It [Volume 3]

its more like their offspring looks more like a 737 tbh

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😍 Really Smart - Im gonna use this

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yeah or maybe an L-1011 with an A330 or A340

Funny you say that since I traced the nose to break it down into shapes.

yeah the nose cone is to short and not as defined

I’m done. This is also the entry for my competition with @Lufthansa1.

Actually pretty proud of it :).


Doesn’t the DC9 have eyebrow windows?

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@boeingisbetter absolutely perfect 😍

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Thanks :).

That’s so good!

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I fixed it lol. Thx for pointing that out.

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Is there a drawing competition?!

I love the Copa Retro Livery!

Hello, I’m new here and i would like to start sharing my digital aircraft drawings!


Yeah! Anyone can join. Just don’t take so long we will all forget about it. :)

I would love to see them! Also, welcome to the community!

Thank you!

Some progress of an A350 im currently drawing


Love it, keep up the good work man!

I finished this PSA BAE 146. Happy with how it turned out and also sort of in celebration of the model I may get.

I want to see more drawings from other people, too.