Suggest any aircraft, I will draw it!!

any requests?


and this one


Maybe post in here:

Please search before posting :)


I know about that topic but I have put my pictures on their numerous times and nobody has requested

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Then perhaps step up your game… everyone had a fair chance in that topic to get a request, no need to shine the spotlight on one person.


Oh, ok I guess you want to start calling my drawing bad??

I think the point is, we can’t have 46 different threads of each person having their own drawings. They all need to be consolidated into one thread (as they are).

Why do you need requests, if you love drawing, draw what you want! You can decide! Look up aircraft on the internet, and draw until your little hearts content, and post away in the original thread!


That is true I guess I just like having people ask like someone would to an artist that American eagle is the one I have now I had 3 others that I threw away because my nephew got into them and colored crayon all over them…We laughed even though that was 3 hours of drawing down the drain 😹😹😅😂

I’m sorry I said that you called my drawings bad, didn’t mean to get mad I sometimes have anger problems when people supposedly make fun of me or my items

It’s a fine topic. If it needs to be closed let’s the mods decide that. I personally think these topic are much better than the 10 topics a day requesting liveries for planes that arn’t even in the game.


We can go ahead and close this topic guys

my list please… at least one of them… would be appreciated .

singapore airlines a330-300
singapore airlines b777-200
emirates 777-300er
Qatar airways a350-a350 900xw
tiger air a320
qantas link 717

much appreciated

I will surprise you😁😁

who me???

Yep u will have to wait and see

This is the third thread of this exact name…I don’t think this is necessary. And you also posted those exact same drawings on both of the other two threads, by the same name.

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