Suggest add Can turn off other aircraft call sign display function

This is because even if the expert is in service, there are still many people who make the wrong call sign, from the low-level wrong aviation name to the abuse of heavy and super, so I suggest adding this feature to at least see a more real aircraft.(p.s.My english is not good so that I use Google Translate)

You mean how to hide the names above the aircraft?

  1. Go to Settings > Live

  2. Check “Hide Airplane Names”

No, he’s not very clear but I get that he is trying to say, people use the wrong suffixes (Super Heavy etc) on wrong aircraft…

I believe he means callsign, since only it has Heavy or Super.

Title kind of says otherwise. Regardless, you can’t, and it just isn’t necessary to change how people like and have their callsigns.

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Yes, that’s the point
He can’t control how people use their call signs
I’m not saying that I want to change people’s callsigns
I am just answering his question.

Thx,I need it

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Glad that helped! Let me know if you need anything else!

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Don’t worry about that! We understand what your trying to say!

Misha says a good answer about what they were going to do for 20.2 but it never came so it might come in the future:

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