sugestion to game (gpws,failures,evacuation slide)

its possible to add gpws? alarms like pull up or airspeed low. game is very good last update also good but if its possible in next update add gpws (also if possible add real life gpws this same like in real life ) like (a321 alarm this same like in real life) in be very happy if you add failures like engline fire and gear stuck if possible evacuation slide too pls add some of this things to game infinite flight is good but need more realistic things in game 😀

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Welcome to the community.

Features is the place to make your pitch to have features added in-app. You’ll, however, need to be TL2 in order to do so. Keep liking, commenting, and contributing positively and you’ll get there!

In the meantime, we do have a feature request for Customisable GPWS System that you may wish to check out.

As for evacuations, slides etc., this isn’t exactly a crash simulator, so unlikely those would be added.


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