Suddenly IF "spells" general aviation (customised) callsigns

Hi everybody,

I am wondering why my customized callsign, which worked perfectly for the last year suddenly gets spelled letter by letter instead?

An example

your callsign is “Flight” 105.
Before I got a read out “Flight onehundredfive”
Now I get FOX, LIMA, INDIA, GOLF, HOTEL, TANGO onehundredfive

Any cure? - As far as my old brain tells me, I did not tamper with the callsign section of IF ;-)

Thanks for your comments and help


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Maybe because you put “Flight 105” in capital letters (FLIGHT 105).

I second this critique!

mine doesn’t allow me to use lower case it just changes it to UPPERCASE


Call signs with capital letters will be pronounced with the corresponding phonetic, e.g. “Hi” would be pronounced as “Hotel India”. Lower case letters will be pronounced as the word they create. The first letter of the lower case word can be capital though.

This may have changed with the last update to eradicate the use of swear words and other inappropriate callsigns.


I concur thirdly

yes they changed the call signs to stop the inappropriate ones being used.

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The reason behind the all caps


OK, now this makes all perfect sense to me.
Thank you all for your answers.


I did not use the “”, this was just for this post to highlight what I mean ;-)

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Instead of “American Six Hundred Seventy-Five”, I just put “American 6-75” so it says “American Six Seventy-Five”.

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They changed it I believe, because how do you think Siri pronounces phuc? GA Callsigns should be like that anyway.

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Max Sez; Like Clipper I live in the real world. I’ve used a personal Handle in all voice radio communication my whole long life. With ATC. I always ID GA eg: Cessna November ##### so the controller does not have to check my 1200 squawk and ekeeps me out of the trash hauler flow. Different strokes… The Fix IF initiated with the call sign Chg will not solve the vial call sign problem "They,ll find a work around. There are very smart 11/12 year olds on this plane! So much for tradition in this PC World. Bless the sensitive souls who visit here, thanks…


I still want to see GA’s pronounced that way max it would help flow control and add realism but I think we are alone in the endever. @Maxmustang

What confuses me is that I still hear call signs pronounced the old way (ex. Flight not Foxtrot-Lima-indigo-golf-tango). Have people not updated yet?

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Maybe their friends told them not to update because of that?

“Man I sure would love to fly and even see the new A-318,319 but then I also wanna be able to use boobs in my call sign too”. What a conundrum…

Hi ,

it seems, it always ends up with the gaussian function, named after the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss
or in other words with the gaussian standard function of normal distribution ;-)


…sorry for becoming a little philosophical on a Sunday, …but in all societies, communities, gatherings, teams, school classes, pilot courses, sport teams and so on, there are always

5 % over accurate
5 % top
80% using common sense, following the rules, with an intrinsic motivation and enabled to tell right from wrong
5% prone to leave the right path
and finally
5% total …%$§&#:-((

Why am I telling you this? -
Because…in all these groups these last 5% …%$§&#:-(( create a lot of trouble.
The tendency of the group leaders (administrators, teachers, managers, coaches, governments) to react to these acts with simply tightening the rules, stricter laws or stronger penalties is very high.

But my experience in live and looking back in history is that, even if you tighten the rules
first of all those 5% …%$§&#:-(( will not change their behavior
and second, one will only definitely discourage and demotivate the other 90%.
In addition, sometimes it helps, to just use the existing laws more effectively instead of cutting freedom to everybody.

In my comment I am just reflecting on questions and issues of the normal life and the right decision for the leader is a tricky question and from my perspective there is no digital answer.

Folks, don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing the IF administrators for disabling the spoken callsigns ( maybe a consequent and strict blocking out would have helped too), but this situation just made me think, because in the real life I am dealing with organizational behavior and it just fascinated me to experience, that the known mechanisms just apply in every case, even in virtual reality.

Thanks for reading & Happy landings


This is not the forum for these kind of discussions, but have a look around in the country you live and the groups you are interacting with and then think about Gauss and the consequences of the normal distribution ;-))

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@Clipper747PA… Max Sez; Elementry my dear Clipper! Or as Freud enumerates what he sees as the fundamental tensions between civilization and the individual. The primary friction, he asserts, stems from the individual’s quest for instinctive freedom and civilization’s contrary demand for conformity and instinctive repression. The key theme to the recent change is “Repression” by that PC 5% who whined the loudest! They and there ilk will drive this train if we the 80% allow it. To the ramparts citizens whine louder! Here’s your chance tell the FDS “Oppressors” of your displeased with the Call Sign change and demand a return to our instinctive freedom of expression!

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