Suddenly I crashed

Today I was doing a flight from EDDM to EDDN.
touching down in EDDN I crashed…
But I was only decending with 150ft per Minute ?
What was the mistake?

Did you extend the landing gear? Check your replay, it may confirm the reason why 👍


Hi there, welcome to the forum.

So that we can get a more understanding of the situation, can you follow these steps to export your replay:

  • Open Infinite Flight
  • Press on “Replays” on the main menu
  • Press on the replay you wish to export
  • Press on “Share” at the bottom
  • Choose the location where to place your file.

And then upload it to and share the link so that we can have a look.


The good news is: we now have a Replay feature in IF, so you can analyze this to the moon and back. And if you can’t work it out from the replay, then check out the post above, and let us have a look at it.

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