Sudden wind gust

I was on final doing around 160 when the game glitched or something and sent my speed to 70kts and yes i stalled and crashed. Are there microsburst physics in this game? Cause with the wind gust it also pushed my plane down

Microbursts aren’t a feature of the simulator but you might have been caught between the METAR updating at the airport on your approach.

You stalled most likely. Did you have autopilot On or were you flying manually?

So everytime metar changes something like that will happen?

I was flying manually in a 60 kt head wind

No it shouldn’t essentially.

I’ve never experienced forces pushing down on my aircraft. You could stall but you usually glide some. If you run out of fuel, you tend to fall. Maybe you ran out of fuel?

I was doing pattern work so definitely couldnt be a fuel problem. The plane jerked down…not pitch down but the whole plane itself went downwards and then went into a stall and roll

That’s an odd one. @schyllberg any ideas?

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Can we see the replay?

I was thinking that but how i do i post a video

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Post it on YouTube and then send the link here

I have a yt account but i dont post so just screen record and post it?

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Yes just download it to your yt account and then post it here, that way we can see what the issue is
I got a feeling this is a result of stalling by the sound of it when winds hit and you did not increase speed to counter it
This is on approach on final ? Did you accidentally press any of the buttons that would cause this?

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Nope i flew it like a normal approach no mis click

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Hmmm, well post the replay here & it’ll be looked at

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Not seeing options to share to IFC

See this for replays ;)

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If the winds are 60 kts on final, it’s likely they just didn’t adjust as you descended which does occasionally happens. Usually they just stay like that, (which is why I’ve landed with 75 kts crosswinds before) but it seems like you got “unlucky” and they decided to kick back in as you were on final.
At least that’s how I interpret the situation with the given information.

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