Sudden Stall

So i had Nav and Autopilot Engaged on Long Final to YSCB with Infinite Passengers running in the background. Due to terrain i decided to descend to 2500 not 2000 and while at 2600 changed it to 2500 but the aircraft then violently went vertical stalling and me only being able just to recover the aircraft before crashing. My vs was -2000. And i sm on a Samsung A5 (2017)




A 100 feet descent with - 2000 ft/min is most probably why. Can I ask you speed?

For any descent less then 2000 feet never go more then 1000-1500 ft/min and when you get close to your level off point always reduce your v/s to make sure the aircraft will not bust the altitude or it will violently try to recover as what has happened to you.


Speed was about 200 and i remembered my vs was actually 1800 by that point

What do you mean by this

that’s what he means I suppose?

I read your message wrong the first time.

What happened in your case is the following:

  1. Descending to 2000 feet with -2000 ft/min
  2. At 2600 you decided to level at 2500 feet, this 100 feet descent with a vertical speed of -2000 makes the autopilot increase the nose rapidly to make sure you will level off at 2500 feet.

Next time use lower vertical speeds when you are close to level off altitude, if your vertical speed would have been -500 / -1000 this would not have happened.