Sudden pitch down on AP disconnect

I’ve noticed that, since the new update, when flying a stabilised approach using AP for FAP speed control only, when you disconnect the AP at or around the runway threshold, there is a sudden pitch down movement and subsequent increase in speed. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a bug that can be rectified? It’s very disconcerting and really messes up my, normally, respectable landings.


Your trim isn’t right for where your at when you disengage.


Trim it until the pink bar almost disappears, calibrate then turn off the AP…everything will be butter smooth


I’ve adjusted the trim controls at various settings and to way beyond what IRL trim settings should be and still get this issue.

I will keep trying.

Don’t worry about that…there must be a reason why it’s until 100%…use it as much as you can to make your landing good…I’ve trimmed upto 40% before landing!ive even used negative trim on the dash…the new trim system is nice

Trim up to avoid that. How much? Practice on Solo disconnecting the A/P how much trim os needed to avoid having the nose sink.
It will also depend on how is the weight distribuited.

@grahamathompson If you’re talking about the nose pitching down as soon as you disengage the auto throttle, then I’m facing the same issue too! And its only with the 787s and 777s (read recent updated aircraft). I’ll send Mark Denton a video soon and get his opinion on it.

MaxSez: Sound like a trim or speed setting problem. Remember IF aircraft do not have “Trim Tabs”. When you set Trim in IF the full Elevator Appendage only is effected. The effect in minimal. ( eg; on the IF Dash for xample if you get a persistent nose down attitude on approach goose it a bit. It’s called "The need for speed Top Gunners)


I have the same latest version and nothings wrong with that you don’t trim your aircraft…Trim it for gods sake! XD…what you should tell mark is to make a tutorial for How to trim LOL

This sounds more like a calibration issue than anything else. I always re-calibrate my iPad before turning odd auto-pilot or APPR. Especially on short final like that.

Why are you waiting until you cross the threshold to disengage? That’s really late. You should be stable well before that point.


@Phoenix1 I clearly mentioned it happens only with the 787 and 777. And yes, I never use/used trim and have flown the A320 series and NEVER encountered any of this. So I know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I shall try using the trim and see if this problem persists.

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It does pitch too on the a320family only not that much as it is in the 777 and 787 but since the physics are updated there must be a reasonable explanation behind that i believe…use trim works perfectly for me…Pm me if you don’t know how to!the current system makes trimming "user friendly"opposed to the one before the update

Spent the evening flying around in A320 and found that trim settings of between 30-40% eliminates the downward pitch to an almost insignificant level. Seems like a lot of trim to me!? Oh well. Thanks for all the comments. Much appreciated.

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