Sudden nose drop when landing

So I fly a lot and notice all the time that when I land the nose always drops almost immediately and the front of the plane just starts bouncing does anyone know how to fix this?

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There are several factors when looking at this:

  • Flaring

  • Wind Speed, Direction, Intensity

  • Airspeed

  • Ground Effect

What aircraft was this in, and does it happen on every aircraft?

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1.) This belongs in #general , not #support
2.) This is a known issue. It happens often with with the Airbus family and old aircraft. There is currently no fix to this. You’re best bet is to try flying at a lower altitude. If not you might have to do this flight in another aircraft, or try restarting your flight.

Edit: This is for when your plane is bouncing while at cruise. If this is not your, issue, I’m not the one to help.

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To let us help you, can we know these details:

  • Aircraft Type(s)
  • Weight Settings (Screenshot preferably)
  • Flap Settings
  • Trim Settings
  • Approach / Flare Speed
  • Wind Direction & Wind Speed

Also, if possible, please upload a YouTube video to let us break down the issue quicker.


Oh well the 7772ER does this sooo yeh

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Thank you yea! What’s flare?

I notice my nose dives down when I turn off autothrottle for some reason, that might be it.

The 772ER does not have a nose drop effect in IF when landed properly. Your landing speed in the 772 should be around 138-142 depending on your aircraft load at the time. In addition, throwing on full thrust reverse as soon as you land will cause the nose to collapse because you are slowing down the aircraft to fast forcing the aircraft on the ground more abruptly.

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On the A320 series it is inevitable if you have spoilers armed though, correct? I’ve noticed that it slams my nose gear down no matter how hard I resist.

No I’m the air while cruising the the 777 300 keeps bouncing up and down sometimes while cruising this happened also with my a321

Have you checked your status and/or connection to servers? This could be an internet issue. If not, re-install IF. That seems to fix most issues.

Best of luck,

That is different from what you initial post is saying. You are saying the nose drop occurs on landing. Now you are saying it occurs in air. Those are two very different reasons.

Yes on the A320 family there is a noticeable problem (bug if you ask me) where with spoilers armed it crashes your nose to the ground. To prevent this I recommend manually arming spoilers when you are slowly bringing down the nose after landing.


Well I was just explaining to the guy that said also something about bouncing up and down in the air

in air so your not on final?

I guess we’re talkig about both now 😂

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