Sudden grade drop

Thank’s for global! What a release!

Though, today at UTC 12:55 my grade dropped down from 2 to 1 (37k xp). I haven’t been ghosted and didn’t violate. The grade dropped during cruise after a departure from Frankfurt hading south.
As my XP shows, I am not a “old player” of IF but joined a while back and my spare time is dedicated to Global flying from now. It’s a shame that the grade dropped and I really hope that it can be fixed asap…

Anyhow you can help me with this issue?

  • Damjan

Hello! Much like real world proficiency requirements our grade system does take into account activity over a determined period of time. Continue to fly right and you’ll be back to your previous grade in no time!

Welcome back. :)


Were you over speeding?

It’s no problem for me to “fly right” but It takes extra time now for me to gain and get to the third grade.

I’m just on a lookout for a reason that this is happening…

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If you can provide your grade table we can better assist you. :)

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Got downgraded from 3 to 1 I believe for over speeding. A bit drastic!! Can this be reviewed?