Sudden gear put down without any external influence at cruise

Hello there!

So I had a very weird accident what happened on my long haul flight in Expert Server.
At about one and a half hours into the flight the gear suddenly was put down.
That happened without any external influence, I was AFK and I can quarantee noone else had the access to the devide when it happened.
Down below is a Google Drive link to a video recording file, this flight was made on an Android Emulator on PC and the replay sharing function is not functioning there.
I recorded from the timepoint when the first issues occured.

Here a further detailed description what happened step by step:
after one and a half hours without any significant events leading to the accident the gear started suddenly to get down and up again. This way it went on for about 20 minutes, I was AFK at the time, as this flight meant to be an overnight.
After that time period of 20 minutes, the plane slowed down and stalled, at a certain point the Autopilot got disengaged after a too steep pitch and bank rate.
In the result the plane began to lose altitude and dived causing an overspeed and speed violations below FL100.
At that time a very attentive friend notified me with an alert my plane is off course and loosing altitude after finding my flight on LiveFlight.
Theres also a screenshot what he sent me of that accident what was visible on LiveFlight:

After he got my attention, I wasnt asleep yet, I got back to the game and exited the flight to prevent receiving more violations.

Google Drive Link to the video recording file:

I hope you guys can do something with it. I need to say that I am just surprised what happened and absolutely didnt mean to violate the rules of the Expert Server.

Cheers and good night!

Can you share your actual replay, not a video?

Hmmmmmmmmm maybe send the link

No, Ive tried to but as I said it seems not working on the emulator. It just restarts the game or crashes.

And ye I see now. After I exited the flight it changed the callsign to the previous one.

From the video it looks creepy but you also stalled so how heavy were you, if you were over MLW or MTOW I would have climbed up to 32,000 feet and step climbed.

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I had at that point about 11 to 12 hours fuel left, 256 pax and about 60-70% cargo filled.
I wouldn’t say I was over MLW or even MTOW.

Well considering the fact that Infinite Flight is specifically designed for mobile devices, and you are using a device that is not officially supported by the sim, there is nothing you can do. Emulators are not meant to run this sim, mobile devices are.


And to think my dad was asking me if IF could run on my pc I was like no it can’t he’s like try it luckily I didn’t or else this might’ve happened to me

Yes, that’s true. But at this certain situation we still can’t be sure it was caused by the fact it is an emulator. And that also doesn’t mean it is fair I get violations for doing nothing and getting a sudden issue of that kind at cruise while AFK.

Just a kindly reminder, I know we can’t do much in this situation but can I still ask if I can get my violations cleared, which I received after this unusual accident.
In my opinion I provided all needed evidence that I received them not being aware and AFK. Plus I still can’t explain why the gear suddenly got put down on its own.

Please check out this one here:


Note: If a violation is specifically recognized as a bug or glitch in the system it will be removed, but this is very rare and an almost non-existing occurrence.

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Well, I can tell that exactly this happened here.
If the Moderators agree with that, I have the right to get them removed.

Probably send them a PM and they will decide what is and isn’t the case here, good luck!

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