Sudden FPS drop

So every once in a while my frame rate drops to about 9 FPS and then jumps back to my normal framerate (IPad Air 2). What is the cause of this? RAM clearing?

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That’s because ‘low power mode’ is enabled. You can manually switch this off in the general settings tab.

No, I’m just using my iPad normally. This happens with or without the low power mode.

Try lowering resolution

Been happening to me also I found a restart helps

I mean this low power mode. Not the iOS low power mode.


Yes, I know. Even with that enabled. It happens most of the time in map view. Maybe because I’m clicking too fast and too many things are happening at once?

(I’m using an Air 2, so no low power mode for me. Although for my 6S+, this issue rarely happens.)

Try disabling antialiasing. Might help

It should be disabled. Enabling it is what’s causing your frame rate to drop.

The map view usually slowers the performance. You don’t have to worry about it. A fix is coming soon as the developers are working on it.


There you have it right there.
The current version have performance issues when it comes to the map. It will be fixed in the coming update. Disabling it should do the trick for now.


Not having other apps running in the background helps too.