Sudden disconnection from live servers

Hey guys! Has anyone ever experienced a sudden disconnect from the live server all together stating one doesn’t have a live subscription when they actually do? I have a pro subscription which runs me through til Dec 16th 2020 yet still I’ve been disconnected. This is CURRENTLY HAPPENING as I am in the mid of a long haul flight.

Are you sure that you are connected to the network or the internet?

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I think this should be in #support but maybe #live is fine.

As asked above, are you connected to internet. Also, did you leave the app for a while? If that happens, you can lose connection to the live server.

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Yep am sure. Other apps on my iPad are functioning fine. I even accessed my apple subscription to this very app via the settings in the app where it states I have a pro sub until said time.

Nope. I didn’t leave the app. I was currently taking off from Heathrow right in the middle of gaining altitude no more than 2000-3000ft then the notification popped up. Oh yeah support I think would have been appropriate

What notification popped up? What exactly did it say?

It said and am paraphrasing here ‘disconnected from server because no valid subscription found’ something of that effect.

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Ohh ok. So your account was disconnected or something. Were you able to log back in to your account after this occured?

I didn’t end the flight assuming it’ll reconnect. Hasn’t yet. Even after checking straight from the app. Currently still disconnected with a valid pro sub. Was wondering if I’d have to end the flight and restart the entire app or if tech support could clear it from their end with just a click.

You can go to settings while in flight. Maybe try that and see if you can view your account stats? Also, have you connected your IFC account to the app?

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Yep. Did all of that already. While climbing in altitude I did exactly that. That’s what I was referring to earlier when I said I even checked in app via the settings menu. Yep my app is linked.

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Oh ok. Sorry I’m not an expert with this or anything. Not sure what to do from this point. Maybe move this topic to #support and call in @schyllberg, he’s the expert.

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Sorry about this, this is a bug that can happen if you fly extremely long flights. We have a fix that will come in the next update. You’ll need to restart the app in the meantime to reconnect


Thanks. I’ll do that. Pretty strange one I agree.

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Can‘t get any connection to live servers. Flying on my own. Just like Solo mode

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See @Cameron’s reply above. Looks like it’s a known issue and will be fixed. No need to move this anymore, I think.

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Ahhhhhhh there it is! Bingo. It is a long flight session. I did made a few trips before this one. Got it! Thanks Cameron. Will do.


Oh wow. Check Cameron’s reply. This may be the problem provided you have a valid sub.

Restart the app doesn’t work. Greyed Headphones in the status bar and a red „!“-sign for live servers.

If you have the same problem as @Bparker268, it is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update.

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