Sudden Change in Aircraft Configuration

Device: iPad Air
Version: 10.3.2

I was flying in the Denver region, A319. Weight and balance set to normal. Winds at takeoff from runway 35 @ KPUB were 0kts from the north.

About 10 minutes into the flight the winds shifted to 6kts from the north. I was climbing to FL260 @ +2600 VS, speed set to 300 KIAS, AP was engaged.

When the wind shifted, the aircraft went nose up at roughly 10 degrees and my throttle increased to 104% while my speed dropped to around 200 KIAS.

I then disengaged AP, reduced climb rate to +500 VS, and attempted to increase my speed in order to level out.

As you can see from the attached picture, had I gone above 195 KIAS, I would have gotten a speed violation, which makes no sense. At FL260 I should be able to fly at 300-320 KIAS.

I tried to duplicate, using same aircraft, settings and FP, but had no problem the second time.

Not sure what happened, but wanted to report it anyway.



Probably a new METAR or transitioning to a different one…


Certainly odd… hmm… your GS is something around 600kts - not sure that makes a difference though…

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The OAT (outside Air Temperature) says 58 degrees Celsius. That’s death hot. Have to be close to a World record on Earth type hot…

That’s obviously a glitch in the METAR being transferred over to IF.

That’s what’s causing your max Indicated Airspeed to be so low. Sometimes the METAR data doesn’t correspond correctly so often and you get small bugs like this.


MJames to the rescue!!!