Sudden application error

Hello, since 21.7 I have already been several flights in which the application closes suddenly.

My device is a third generation Ipad Air and the version is 15.1 (the latest)

This error usually happens before landing or after taking off I never cruise.

I hope someone can help me, thanks!

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Make sure to kill any background apps you have running before flying, to free up processing power.

Restart your tablet before each flight so it’s fresh.

A very wise @Pingu bestowed upon me this knowledge. Set the view of your flight to the inside of the cockpit. If your phone has to consistently load new terrain from outside view it will crash. @Pingu likes to set his to look at the sky, I set mine zoomed in on the instruments.


Yeah I would pretty much say the same thing.

It’s likely that your device either doesn’t have enough processing power to compute everything that is happening at once, or your device has just run out of memory (the less likely of the two).

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This happend to me to. It sucks.

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My device is supposed to be able to handle all the settings on high, if I deactivate the anti-alasing could it help?

I just made another flight and again the application exited, remove the anti-lasing and lower the 3d object count to half and it continues to happen

When 21.7 became available, did you update from 21.6 or did you do a fresh install? If you keep having crashes, you could try backing up your replays, deleting the app, then reinstall it.

Only recommending this as a last resort as it seems everything was fine before 21.7.


Download 21.7 from 21.6

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I’m just curious how do you link your infinite flight account on iPhone for a application???

Delete and download the application again and for now it has not happened again, thanks for the help :)

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