Sudan Airways Airbus A320

Image credit: ST-MKW | Airbus A320-214 | Sudan Airways | AirlinerSpotter | JetPhotos

About Sudan Airways

One of the oldest African carriers, Sudan Airways was formed in February 1946 and started scheduled operations in July the following year. Sudan Airways started with four De Havilland 8 Seater Dove Aircrafts, being the first acquisition of this type in the region & was the first in Africa to acquire Fokker F27 Turboprop-powered aircraft. A fleet modernization plan was implemented and the Sudan Airways introduced the Boeing 737 and B707 in the 1970s, Fokker 50s in the 1980s and Airbus A310s the 1990s. The airline reached its peak in 2000 with 2,362 employees at April 2000, with an aircraft park that included one Airbus A300-600, one Airbus A300-600R, three Boeing 707-320Cs, one Boeing 727-200, one Boeing 737-200C and one Fokker F27-600. By this time, the airline provided scheduled services to Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, Al Ain, Amman, Bangui, Cairo, Damascus, Doha, Dongola, Dubai, El Fasher, El Obeid, Eldebba, Geneina, Istanbul, Jeddah, Juba, Kano, Lagos, London, Malakal, Merowe, Muscat, Ndjamena, Niamey, Nyala, Paris, Port Sudan, Riyadh, Sanaa, Sharjah, Tripoli, Wadi Haifa and Wau. With the EU banning the airline and western sanctions, Sudan Airways now only fly to domestic destinations and to Egypt with a fleet of Airbus A300, Airbus A310 and an Airbus A320.

Why Sudan Airways?

I find the lack of African liveries in IF really disturbing, and I hope that by adding the livery of an airline which used to be one of the biggest African airline not only we will finally have another African option, pilots of IF will also get to see the beauty of Sudan and East Africa!

This will probably get ignored, but I really hope I will get to fly this livery on IF one day.

Thank you to whoever voted, really appreciate it

Despite this being a nice livery, I don’t think we will see it in IF soon, there are lots of other liveries that take priority for being added to the a320 that have quite a few votes. So whilst this is a nice livery, unfortunately, I cannot see it coming to IF in the near future

I know that but it won’t hurt to try


Of course. If you don’t ask you don’t get… thanks for suggesting it though.


Thank you to whoever voted again

Bumping this

Ramadan Kareem !!






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haven’t considered flying an a320 on IF before. This seems like a nice livery. I love the complementary colors of the deep blue and yellow.

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I’m glad you like it, vote for it if you can!

I’ll clear out a vote for this. :)

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You have my vote!

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I appreciate it! Safe flights

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Going to fly in Africa, never flied there before.

I might fly a bush plane like the Xcub there, makes sense.

I don’t understand what a bush plane has got to do with this, but safe flights

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Anyhoo, flying there in general terms. The only reason why is said bush plane was because i had an idea of flying in rural, scenic, and off the beaten path locations in Africa.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Looks like a very nice and fun livery!
Got my vote

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