Sud Aviation Caravelle

Very suprised that no one has sugested this in the past! Some livery ideas below…

Corse Air International
Istanbul Airlines
Air Toulouse
Air France
Transavia Holland
Swiss Air



Airborne Express
United Airlines

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Signed under this a thousand times hahah. I suggested this on the FDS site before but it kind of got buried under all the modern jets.

Would absolutely love to have this aircraft


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Well… you have my vote. It might be the begining of something. I flew in one when a child. Remember only boarding through the belly (economy class…l. i find that plane very beautiful. It did an autoland in january 1969, before I was born…

It would be an excellent adding for IF

Could we have more context about the plane, other than a list of liveries? Perhaps add an image, some information about the aircraft?

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Sorry, i just add images for those who don’t know that plane at all. I have no time/expertise to put up good infos… I hope someone will do eventually. It is a gorgeous retro plane ( which I only flew as a baby, long time ago!).