Such thing as Boeing and Airbus in Infinite Flight

In the world of Infinite Flight is there such things as a Boeing or airbus as convener at whirlwind va we want to use the livery and team up with them please comment bellow

Can you explain by what you mean?

Thanks! :)

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I mean it could be like an alliance company or a va as such

Oh, VA!

It is possible but Infinite Flight don’t have alot of their House Colors :(

Only 747-F Has the House Livery & A340? Might be the A330, Correct me if im wrong…

And Boeing is there such thing

Explain again by what you mean,

“And Boeing is there a such thing”


Is there such thing as Boeing and airbus IF… Check above

Not yet, I think…

But Boeing & Airbus can’t really happen…

Why cant it happen

As said before, theres only 3 planes with their liveries.

Boeing - 748

Airbus - A340 & A318

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Also the Airbus liveries on the A318.


I’m thinking about making a Boeing VA actually so contact me if your interested in anything like that…


You are confusing.

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Boeing kid igt here!

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Okay I will once it’s made

Actually I don’t get it as well, elaborate?

I think he wants to create an Airbus/Boeing VA, and he’s checking how many house liveries there are to see if he can start one. Personally @jjt0909, I think it is a good idea even with 3 liveries. You could use generic liveries or pretend you are flying a house/airline livery for other aircraft too. For example you could fly a China Airlines 777 and pretend it is the livery below… It could even be an airline without one of these liveries:

Ok so not taking the Facebook VAs into consideration, I don’t think anyone from the IFC has taken either of the manufacturers… But what is he going to do? Fly around with house and factory liveries? Lol

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