Successfully Escaped North Korea!

After the North Korean government allowed me to use the internet, I found out that the best way to escape North Korea was to go to Europe. At 2130 (my local time) and under the cover of darkness I took off from North Korea and escaped!

This is just a joke, no offence is meant, don’t tell Kim Jong-un!


Wait, at first I was like "Wait, what? Really?!
But then I saw the live flight map and I was like, Oh ;-)
Anyways, good job! Hope your landing all goes well.

Wow, I didn’t know you could buy your own 787s in North Korea!


Realistically It would be a Decathlon or something like that lol


Im surprised the 787 you got from North Korea was not tampered with and you managed to fly almost all the way to EGLL with no problem! xD

Nice job! Congratulations!

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