Subsidized Gulf carriers

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Emirates is expanding there capacity with another daily flight to Amsterdam Schiphol with an A380.
KLM staff and the CEO of KLM have started a petition against a double daily flight to Dubai because of the fact that they think Emirates and other golf carriers are subsidized. They hope that the minister of holland wil reconsider her decision.

What do you guys think of this let me know.

Emirates has been turning a genuine profit and standing on its own two feet for absolutely ages - they are legitimate.

The other two middle eastern government ego projects, Qatar Airways and Etihad, are far more dubious and I’m not surprised the European and American carriers are upset with the unfair competition and subsidies.


  • Holland should subsidize the Gulf carriers
  • Holland should reduce the funding of Gulf carriers
  • Holland should stop subsidizing the Gulf carriers

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I’m leaning on the side of the gulf carriers since they introduce competition and in some cases, provide a much better product than the legacies. However, if an imparial jury can get enough evidence to prove that Etihad, Qatar, or Emirates, or more than one (or none) have been recieving subsidies to give the carriers an advantage, then I may reconsider.

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The Gulf Carriers are NOT subsidised by the Dutch Goverment but by the Gulf state in question, so you might need to rethink your poll questions!

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I would have little doubt that UAE would subsidize their airlines. That’s just how they work.

Yep not very different from some airlines owned / subsisted by the Govts of that country. For example British Airways until,about 1992 was fully owned by the British Goverment.

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