Hey, just a quick question and nothing regarding liveryies or aircraft… i have realized that in app youve just changed how we pay subscriptions, there is no option to pay for 6 months or a year just monthly but, ill not be able to pay every month cause i will not be in my country for some time so, is there any way that i can pay for 6 months or a year and not monthly?


I think there is an option in the App Store, on the Infinite Flight page, however it isn’t a feature inside of the app as of current.

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Hmm i just went in App Store and i couldnt find it…

If you are on iOS, there is a work-around where you can purchase the 6-month and 12-month options. To do this, simply head on over to the app store, and check on your subscriptions.

From there, the subscription options for Infinite Flight should allow you to change your subscription to a different type, which will be billed during the next cycle (ie: next month).

Unfortunately, if you are on Android, this is not something that is available, and you’ll have to stick to monthly billing as your only subscription option. If anything has changed, please feel free to correct me.

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I go to settings of the device, then click the profile (above), then choose subs (iPhone)

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Ok, thank you so much i found it