I have recently purchased an Infinite Flight Subscription on the wrong account. I wanted to purchase on another. Is there anyway i could get my subscription on my other account and get my subscription cancelled on the other?


You can cancel it and buy it on the other account.

Yes, but the problem is that whenever i click Refund on google play, a refund never comes.

i do not use iOS. I use Android

You would have to contact the google play store costumer support directly to receive a refund.

Well i think id rather wait until my subscription expires and buy another one later. I don’t want my 45.99 PLN to go to waste.

Hello @SpeedPlayz

Please send me the following information in a PM

  • Callsign & display name of the account you intended to buy it for
  • Callsign & display name of the account you accidentally bought it for.
  • Purchase receipt containing the GPA-number for the faulty purchase.

We’ll take a look and see if we can find a solution to your problem!


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