So I’m trying to get a new account and I have a subscription but when I try to log in to that account it says I don’t have one but on my old account it lets me in just fine. Which I don’t get why it’s doing that

First off, are you on Android or IOS?

Do you use facebook or google to login?

iOS and google to log in

Have you tried logging out of google?

I tried logging out, deleting and re downloading the app and restarting my iPad which none of those work

What kind of device do you have?

Can you explain what you mean by “new account”?

You need to log in as the login that it tied to the subscription. IE google. If you log in with a second google account that does not have a subscription it will not work. The subscription is tied to that google login.

I have an iPad Pro which I just got

Roger. So your device definitely supports global. Are you logging in with the same google account?

Your Infinite Flight Pro subscription is tied to your Google login. If you login with a different email/credentials it’s no longer recognized. In rare cases we will merge two accounts, but only with cause. Merging the accounts means that all stats and purchases are moved from one to the other.

If the reason is a “fresh start”, that won’t necessarily be possible as the stats go with you. That said, subscription renewals can be cancelled then purchased fresh on a newly created account when it has expired. Regards.


So I’m moving all of my stuff to the new account so I wanted to switch infinite flight to this account but when I try to get a subscription says “ I already have one for the new account but immediately says I don’t have a subscription I’ve tried to delete my subscription and buy one on my new account but that doesn’t work for my new account.

That means you need to cancel your subscription and then get a new subscription on your new account.

To cancel your subscription, you will need to go to your Itunes settings in the settings app.

Could you please explain further so we can better assist you?

Have you already tried the following steps:

  1. Sign-in to your online account
  2. Tap on the top right corner to access your account page
  3. Select “Subscribe Now”
  4. Select “I already have a subscription”

#4 is the big one. Let us know!

Yeah I tried that it’s says I don’t have have one which is wrong

Current display name and callsign?

For new account or old account

Both, please. Thanks!

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For the old one is display name “C Padjen” and callsign “n705wu” and for the new one display name is “Conner P”
And call sign is “n770ka

Okay, great. I’ve successfully merged your two accounts. Simply login to your new account and your subscription which expires on 31 January will be present. If you run into issues follow those 4 steps I sent previously. Appreciate the patience!

Others trying to assist, truly appreciate the help but as a general rule if you see a well-qualified individual, whether staff or just a knowledgable community member, trying to help someone please just let them run with it. It's incredibly counter-productive to solve someone's issue through a barrage of questions coming from 3-4 individuals. We would really prefer to not flag members for being helpful, but please recognize when to step back and let someone else take it. Cheers!


Thanks I appreciate your help

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