I just bought a 1 month subscription but didn’t go through and it took the money out of my account. What do I do to use the subscription

Also, can you tell us where and how you made the transanction? And also on what device you are using would be helpful. Another thing to check is if you were logged in while you were buying the subscription.

Contact Apple at or contact the infinite flight support team at . If you want a refund those are the 2 places you should check. ;)

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This happened with me, some bank accounts don’t show transactions for s few hours days even so just wait and if it continues in 2 days let us know.

Hi Baxter,

Please contact With…

•Live Display Name And Callsign
•Device Being Used
•Proof Of Puchase/Receipt

Warm Regards, 305.


Hi Baxter, you can use #support for assistance with these questions. I moved it for you to get assistance from the support mods, thanks!

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